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Over the years you may have seen Parrish Relics on tv & films including Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, 30 ROCK, Criminal Minds, Ugly Betty (Betty’s “B”), if you were watching a Neil Gaiman play or Mythic film by Lisa Stock of InByTheEye, visiting museum gift shops at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Tate Britain for Edward Burne-Jones, or most recently at the British Museum for the Thomas Becket Exhibition.

historically inspired

Happy to work with museum shops for upcoming exhibitions, with costume departments for stage or screen.

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ugly betty's B necklace

Initially created for a Tudor production, Ugly Betty's costume designer picked it up for her new show. It became Betty's signature accessory and had many great on-screen moments with America Ferrera.

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historical replicas

crivelli crown

Representation of the Crown worn in "Madonna and Child with Two Angels by Vittore Crivelli from the MET for NYC DIFFA auction.

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