Created in celebration for the Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition 
Limited Edition Stained Glass Amulets, Pictorial Pendants and Earrings Available exclusively through the Tate Britain Shop in London. Sold out, thank you so much!
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"Parrish Relics’ latest collection captures the jeweled-tone vibrancy and romantic hues unique to the stained glass windows of Burne-Jones. To adorn yourself with such a relic is a symbolic way to celebrate and immerse yourself in his work. Burne-Jones once remarked that “Only this is true, that beauty is very beautiful, and softens, and inspires, and rouses, and lifts up, and never fails.” These stunningly crafted pieces allow us to carry that uplifting beauty with us and inspire others with Burne-Jones’ exhilarating vision." ~ Stephanie Graham Pina, Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood
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Focused on the angelic faces Burne-Jones so lovingly painted in 1880. 
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Sir Edward Burne-Jones in front of his Star of Bethlehem

Photographed by Barbra Leighton @1890