floriated clover collection.

floriated clover collection.

    10% of the sale of each floriated clover amulet & earring set in this collection will be donated to a charity or organization doing good in the world for #givingback
    (click on an amulet to learn about each charity that benefits from the sale)

    Inspired by the gothic windows at Canterbury Cathedral, created originally for the British Museum's Thomas Becket ExhibitionA hand-carved and sculpted frame echoes the window's curves and curling tendrils of floriated ornament winding around the clover. Cast in recycled bronze, antiqued with the deep patinas of age, and finally set with Jewel-toned hues favored by the Medieval stained glass artists back in the 12th century for an adornment that pays tribute to the architectural beauty of centuries past. 
    (All in this collection are one of a kind, cobalt and ruby are exclusive to the museum.)

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    circe's magic - venetian gothic window amuletgeminae rosae - sacred heart amuletasteria - venetian gothic window amuletmorpheus - floriated clover miracle window amuleteos - venetian gothic window amulet


    Inspired by the Architecture, Iconography, Symbolism of the Middle Ages.

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    spring - oak bower window amuletspring - oak bower earringssummer - oak bower window amuletsummer - oak bower earringsautumn - oak bower window amulet

    the sacred grove

    oak bower

    Inspired by the symbol of Strength & Fortitude depicted in tales of Ancient Folklore, amulets that celebrate the stylized Medieval & Victorian depictions of this noble tree.

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    sanctus natura.flora's bird of hope - sanctus naturathe hound - sanctus naturaspeaking with trees - sanctus naturathe elementals : aqua.

    the sacred grove

    sanctus natura

    two branches of antiqued sterling silver or bronze entwine to create a gothic arch, symbolic of sacred architecture around the world. A tribute to the Sacredness of Nature.

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    lapin, renard et fleur amulet.joyeux mille-fleurs earringsjoyeux mille-fleurs earrings (sans fioritures)lapin, renard et fleur d'or amulet.little cat tapestry amulet

    tapestry collection

    Inspired by the flora & fauna of the Lady & the Unicorn and other historic Medieval Tapestries.

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