sanctus natura labradorite amulet.
sanctus natura labradorite amulet.

sanctus natura labradorite amulet.

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a tribute to the sacredness of nature.

"THE GROVES were God's first temples." William Cullen Bryant ~ A Forest Hymn

Two branches of antiqued bronze entwine to form a gothic arch, symbolic of sacred architecture around the world. A labradorite bead hangs from the top of the arch. $8. of every sale of a sanctus natura amulet will be donated to One Tree Planted for #givingback 

    This one of a kind sanctus natura amulet is 7/8 of an inch at widest, 1 3/8 inches long.

    Bronze finish chain at 18 inches, feel free to contact me for length customization.

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            be kind

            This is my spiritual & business practice.

            From creative materials and packaging to studio practices, I strive to make Parrish Relics as vegan and eco-friendly as possible and am constantly seeking new ways to lessen my negative impact on the planet. Trying to be a Helper.

            All Amulets are shipped out to you gift-packaged in a recycled kraft box along with care info and mossy tissue paper.