The Pre Raphaelite Issue of Enchanted Living is here!

The Pre Raphaelite Issue of Enchanted Living is here!
"The jewelry with which we choose to embellish ourselves speaks volumes. To embrace a Parrish relic is to gravitate toward meaning and sentiment, reflecting our innermost feelings, special memories, or symbols that resonate within us. 
Following Parrish Relics on social media is a charming experience. Intricately crafted works are displayed upon parchment or historically-themed images. A stained glass amulet, the color of a crystalline sky, sways in the wind. It’s a rhythmic dance that hypnotizes, sending the message that this piece is no mere bauble. A carefully placed medallion on an emerald bed of moss appears infused with some vibrant sense of the forest that birthed it – the green world of Frog Hollow, willed into existence by a modern Pre-Raphaelite mind, crafted into a prize of Bohemian elegance." ~ Stephanie Chatfield 

"The Alchemy of Parrish Relics"

Excited to finally reveal the magical Pandora-inspired images of stunning model Tatiana by The Witching Hour Photography  taken here at Frog Hollow! What a great day we had, grand Dante Gabriel Rossetti tinted visions all come to life.

I am so honored to be included in this beauty-packed issue about one of my favorite subjects of inspiration, Pre Raphaelite art and design. Stephanie's writing brought tears to my eyes and humbled me with her thoughtful words about what I do. Forever grateful to all involved, this is a treasured gift. 

Breathe in these Spring-glowing images taken by Art Director Lisa Gill ( best friend who I gratefully was able to visit her Southern-cottage-gothic-castle of sweet cats and beauty and kindness just before we all had to hermit ourselves.) Hope you all can get a copy for yourselves, it is a good time to immerse yourself in a bit of dreamy escape. I know it helps me immensely during this sad and scary collective experience.
Please Stay Safe and be Well.

...they even included one of the photographs I took while visiting the Tate last year as a two-page spread! Such beauty on every page. Please subscribe to get this inspiring magazine delivered right to you. (They have kindly offered a few past issues for free download to pass the time here: )



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