exciting secret project revealed!

exciting secret project revealed!

A few months ago I read that one of my favorite museums was having a once in a lifetime Exhibition of my very favorite artist of all. 

Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

Though it was already close to the opening, asking myself "what do I have to lose?"  sent an email wondering if they would be interested in carrying some of my work in the gift shop to coincide with this special event, along with a link to all the tributes I have made to his inspiring work over the years...

Readers, they said yes.

I had been asked by the British Museum to create collections for two exhibitions in the past, and for Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum but it had been a while since I had sought out this type of project.

It was a mighty challenge but truly an Honor. Have been so focused on creating my one of a kind designs in recent years, had forgotten how much work and planning goes into limited edition collections! (included some production images below.) But it was absolutely a dream project, and I hope you like the collection! Working with the guidance of their Product Developer, Caroline, I created ten unique Pictorial Amulets that celebrate the beautiful faces that Burne-Jones lovingly painted in The Golden Stairs, twenty pairs of matching opalescent earrings, and ten sea-toned Stained Glass Arch pendants inspired by his Spes & Fides (Hope & Faith) Stained Glass Window Design in Oxford with Morris & Co. 

There will be only one of each on display at one time so say hello for me, and if you like them...take one home with you to celebrate! Maybe if this goes well there will be more in the future. (Have lots of beads in stock to make matching earrings for the Stained Glass Windows if you wish to have a set. Just let me know!)

Hoping to get to London to see this amazing show before it ends! Will be turning half a century in February and can't think of a better way to spend it, with my love visiting this once in a lifetime exhibition. Maybe I will see you there my fellow Burne-Jones admirers! 

view the Burne-Jones Collection 

Edward Burne-Jones at Tate Britain   24 October 2018 – 24 February 2019 

Ten unique The Golden Stairs ~ Pictorial Shrine Pendants. Get to know them all here, and please visit them at Tate Britain!

 A few photos from the production of these forty pieces created in my little studio workshop over the past month and a half. Whew!

Started with cutting the Stained Glass in the Outbuilding Studio with Grady...

Then moved on to the balcony studio for the pendant and earring production...

Quality control with Inspector Cricket.

Once everything was finished, I set up a tagging / packing area in the living room as I needed a bigger space for it all than my usual little shipping office.

All done, one of the most stressful parts came next.

Shipping it all there! eek.

Frantically refreshing the tracking page for three days...

But thankfully all arrived safely overseas. Thank you for your help, little G!


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