boston early music festival

boston early music festival
eta: what an incredibly lovely event, thank you to all who came by! Hope to return in 2025 💚
Music is an essential part of my daily ritual in the studio, the way it can set a mood or atmosphere ... #MusicIsMagic
During the early years of my jewelry-making business, three films took an important place in my heart, visually and in soundtrack.
All have stayed with me, forming a love of Early Music and musicians that still craft modern sounds with these beautiful, ancient instruments like the viola da gamba, hammered dulcimer, and harpsichord.
(Tori Amos & Unto Ashes & Patrick Wolf to name just a few!)
So, following that passion for this era of Art & Music, twenty years ago I decided to vend at the Boston Early Music Festival:
"The Boston Early Music Festival (BEMF) is universally recognized as a leader in the field of early music. Since its founding in 1980 by leading practitioners of historical performance in the United States and abroad, BEMF has promoted early music through a variety of diverse programs and activities, including an annual concert series that brings early music’s brightest stars to the Boston and New York concert stages, and the biennial weeklong Festival and Exhibition, recognized as “the world’s leading festival of early music” (The Times, London). Through its programs BEMF has earned its place as North America’s premier presenting organization for music of the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods and has secured Boston’s reputation as “America’s early music capital” (The Boston Globe)."
I had a lovely experience that year (only a few people looked at my wares and wondered aloud what I was doing there amongst the instrument and book sellers) and attended performances and operas over the next few decades but never had a chance to return as a vendor. This year's theme is A Celebration of Women, so decided this would be the perfect excuse to be a part of it once again! 
Entry to the exhibition is $10, including lectures and masterclasses held at the hotel. I will have a few passes, so contact me if you wish to visit my table in the stunning Empire Ballroom.


Hope to see you there! 

Wish I had an image of my first display at BEMF but was lost in the time before social media recalls & records everything for us. Setting up in the workshop to design my table for 2023, now I just have to make the amulets to fill it with (using my own collection here!) Eek. Time to get to work. 


 (featured image: a page from The Capriola Lute Book - listen here!)

((and also from BEMF Artistic Directore here!))


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