a return to snow farm...

a return to snow farm...

Two years ago I was lucky enough to take a class with Terry Kovalcik at Snow Farm (...and wrote a blog about it!) 

Living here in beautiful Western Massachusetts means I am surrounded by talented artists, which is why I love being a part of the vibrant Hilltown Arts Alliance , the Hilltown Artisan's Guild and hopefully soon Western MA Makers.

Recently I was able to return to Snow Farm to learn about Painting on Layered Glass with Sam Myers, a local Stained Glass Artist who I had met in Terry's class. 

I believe it is important to keep learning, to open your mind to new skills, perspectives, materials. Working from home can be isolating, so I am grateful for the ability to get out and create with other people from time to time, making connections. It is a sad, unsettling and volatile time in the world so it was priceless to be able to go somewhere peaceful to fully focus on the simple process of creating.

Here are some images from the weekend there, still busy working on a new collection that I hope to be able to share soon.


We chose two pieces of glass that would be cut, decorated, and joined to create a whole. My mind has been occupied by the animals that visit Frog Hollow, each one a Gift, a Star. A Constellation. Inspired by Historical Medieval Woodcuts and Heraldry that symbolized family crests, I painted with ground glass grit a grumpy little beastie to pay tribute to a barred owl that frequently can be seen outside our living room window, surrounded by stars. On the other panel that we sandblasted I chose a border taken from a Renaissance era sundial (possibly by Hans Holbein) along with some more stars.I wanted to add something of "home" to the piece, so the second day I brought in some tiny shards of sparkling mica that I have been collecting around our Ringville neighborhood. The three larger pieces of mica along the base of the border flourish were found at Snow Farm and added to bind it to both places. 

Arranging the mica, removing tiny dust particles.Fresh from the kiln, the Celestial Owl layer painted with glass grit and fired/fused.My wonderful classmates and teacher proudly (& carefully!) holding our varied creations. First night at home on the firewood holder my husband made, I soon realized this would not be a good place for an easy to roll stained glass display! The cats like to jump up on the top and watch the birds, and soon it will be filled (and emptied!) of firewood.Moving on up, to safety. (And close to where the owl appears, high in the hemlocks.)

I highly recommend taking a class at Snow Farm if you can! Sam has five workshops coming up in 2020 and is an incredible instructor, charming and thorough. I would take them all if I could! (Keep an eye out on the website for more info or sign up for their newsletter.) They have a little cluster of cabins behind the workshop buildings for out of town visitors, or you can stay at one of the many lovely Inns and B&B's in the area.

They also have a Seconds Sale fundraiser where you can purchase crafts from approximately 200 craftspeople from across the region. Let me know if you are able to visit this magical place, I will try to come by to say hello.



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