a new branch of the parrish relics tree!

a new branch of the parrish relics tree!
Happy news announcement!
After @ 30 years creating mainly one of a kind amulets handcrafted in polymer clay, stained glass, semi-precious stones & glass vessels I have now added an exciting new line!
My work had been selling out so quickly & it has been very hard to keep up with the demand, leaving many people frustrated about not being able to purchase anything fast enough. This has encouraged me to do something that I have been dreaming about for years but was frankly intimidated to take this giant leap...to create finely detailed amulets by hand (in wax and/or clay) that are then cast in metals using the ancient lost wax method!

It started with a little ouroboros...one of my favorite personal Amulets. I had taken a class at Snow Farm to learn metal clay with Terry Kovalcik and made a mold of the original, formed and carved the other side from silver clay. I fell in love and thought this may be a great place to start something new, with this mythic symbol of continuous renewal.

1. silver metal clay 
2. original polymer clay, glass & medieval manuscript found image
3. ouroboros geminus. ~ cast bronze

I had learned metalsmithing techniques at the Museum School in Boston, but that was many moons ago(!) so a refresher course was needed! Thankfully here in the happy valley we have a talented, kind and patient teacher, Heather Beck. She helped me refine my ideas, refresh and re-learn techniques, and so much more. Thank you Heather! (She offers fun workshops too so have a look on her website!)

Working closely with one of the oldest casting companies in Boston's Jewelers Building, I am now able to offer multiple Amulets in sterling silver & bronze. (hooray!) Looking forward to adding to this special collection over time.

I couldn't have achieved this major addition to my line of amulet jewelry without the help, support & encouragement of my husband David, my mom Jerri Benoit ~ dear friends Lisa Gill & Traci-Ann Disal (and accompanying a jangled, nervous newbie to the Jeweler's Building: Nate Walsh & Bobby Harris!)


And to everyone else who has cheered me on, purchased my work, believed in Parrish Relics all these years...Thank You, I am so very grateful to be on this joyful creative path.

Learning every day.



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