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I own two Parrish Relic necklaces, and I wear one or the other almost every day -- not only because they are beautiful, but because they are talismanic to me.

One contains a tiny Pre-Raphaelite painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, and wearing it makes a visible connection to all of the mythic artists of the past, and all of those who are still to come. In that necklace, I'm reminded that, as a writer and painter, I am part of a long tradition. The other necklace, with a center of deep blue glass, is the necklace I was married in. When I wear it, I'm connected to another kind of tradition: partnership, family, and community. I have never seen jewelry I love more than Jen's.

Her pieces are forged out of dreams and spells and enchantment and the oldest of fairy tales. They are magic, and I become part of that magic whenever I wear them. Terri Windling

Every one of Jen Parrish-Hill’s jewels is a timeless work of art. When you touch a Parrish Relics piece, you are holding a moment frozen in time. You are holding a glimpse of history, the fleeting breath preceding a kiss, an echoing song, an ancient spell. It was with great love and pride that my husband and I wore Parrish Relics on our wedding day, and every heirloom piece that we own is treasured beyond words. Elizabeth Barrial, BPAL

It was about a decade ago when a friend recommended that I would love Parrish Relics. A few years after my first purchase, I had 2 identical custom necklaces made by Parrish Relics for my wedding and they are beautiful. ~ Jules Cohen, MSW

I write fantasy, but for the past five years have been working on a Renaissance historical novel. For many more than five years, though, I’ve also been following Jennifer Parrish-Hill’s Parrish Relics Etsy store and collecting Jen’s wonderful hand-crafted jewelry. My first piece by Jen – a Venetian stained-glass window design – was even the inspiration for my Renaissance novel. My other pieces by Jen – a vessel necklace, a Fra Angelico cross, and a fresco angel choker – with their marvelous historical accuracy in the details of their designs and in their sumptuous gold and silver patinas are a daily inspiration as well. I keep them all in my writing room and, when I’m not wearing them, just being able to see them makes me feel like I can time-travel back to an age when jewelry was more robust and somehow more touched by human (and Divine) hands. To wear a Parrish Relic is to wear something unique and original, and to know that you are wearing the fine work of a master artisan. ~ Maggie L. Wood

Jen's jewelry is unique and beautiful, transporting the wearer into some kind of pre-Raphaelite magical world. I am thoroughly addicted. ~ Collin Beresford O'Connor Udell

Caught in glass and gold, silver and bead, droplets of stone and pearl, fettered in looped chain - sanguine roses, ladies fair, luminous windows and gentle beasts - Burnished enchantments Ancient reveries Magickal things. I hold these talismans to my beating heart And dream. ~ Mary Stephens Mitchell

I love everything about Parrish Relic creations, the quality of the workmanship, the beautiful stones and images that Jen uses, the unique settings, and how she weaves themes into the jewellery from myth and faerie. I think a lot of people collect pieces which have some personal meaning to them. I don't just wear mine, I also display them so that I can enjoy them all of the time. This is my favourite piece which I own. The lore of Wolves & Red Riding Hood have always fascinated me and when I saw this piece I had to have it. I wear it often and display it  on an antique Parisian figure of Red and a Wolf. ~ LeeAnn Day

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