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As a supporter of animal rights I try to use my work to help them in any way that I can, and greatly admire the people who devote their lives to making theirs better and safer from harm. A percentage of sales from every Amulet goes to an organization that does good in the world: for Animals, for Humans & for the Environment. So much help is needed in the world that it motivates me to work through sadness, enabling my ability to donate & feel proactive rather than submit to hopelessness.

Seeking out the many people & organizations who are working towards equality for all, advocating for animals & saving our fragile Earth brings light to darkness. ("Look for the Helpers", as Mr. Rogers famously said.) 

A percentage of sales from all amulets are donated to those who work to make the world a better place. 

For more info & actions please visit #TheHelpers

ondine's river - venetian gothic window amuletthe dreaming - venetian gothic window amuletthe garden tapestry - venetian gothic window amuletcantara - venetian gothic window amulet with etched starcirsium vinaceum - venetian gothic window amulet

venetian gothic collection

Inspired by the romantic architecture of this magical place. 10% of the sale of each amulet in the venetian gothic collection is donated to We Are Here Venice

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florialia - floriated clover miracle window amuletfleur earrings : aquamarine & antiqued sterlingthe infinity of the hive - floriated clover miracle window amuletclover earrings : prehnite & antiqued bronzeclover earrings : peridot & sterling silver

floriated clover collection

10% of the sale of each amulet in the floriated clover collection is donated to a corresponding charity or organization

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lux vivens - a sacred heart amuletcalabrum - sacred heart amuletfiamma d'oro - sacred heart amuleta thousand stars - sacred heart amuletvita sanguinis - a sacred heart amulet

sacred heart collection

10% of the sale of each new amulet in the sacred heart collection is donated to Earthjustice

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spring - oak bower window amuletspring - oak bower earringssummer - oak bower window amuletsummer - oak bower earringsautumn - oak bower window amulet

the oak bower collection

A floriated oak is held within a sacred circle, representing the four seasons. 10% of every sale from this collection is donated to the Old Growth Forest Network

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From creative materials to packaging, and in studio practices, I strive to make Parrish Relics as vegan and eco-friendly as possible. Always seeking new ways to lessen my negative impact on the planet.

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