aldene & florence

Thank you for the opportunity to share some ideas! Let me know if you have any specific needs after viewing this selection of current & past work, really would love to collaborate & bring something to life for you. ~ x Jen Parrish-Hill

oak bower collection

pierced, hammered & antiqued bronze half-crown or tiara

Created for a recent photoshoot, inspired by the noble oak tree and gothic architecture.

in the making

Currently working on a piece inspired by this amazing Albrecht Dürer woodcut of a deer lying within a circle of an oak branch. I would create this in clay to be cast in bronze or sterling, as pendants or can be doubled up as a headpiece. Could be kept as openwork or with mica or stained glass behind it. There could be tendrils of oak leaves hanging from the roundel.

past work

Crowns and headpieces mainly created in clay with inset jewels and handpainted with metallic finishes.

This allowed me to work quickly and in a lightweight material for film, tv & theatre design. I prefer to work in metal these days, but still create prototypes for casting in clay.

more options & ideas

Any past creations could be recreated/transformed into a hair piece ~ depending upon size & weight, functionality and balance. Linked with beaded chain, or set on a hair band/tiara or ribbon...

My studio is filled with stained glass in a rainbow of color and textures, text or design can be etched into the glass, any ephemera can be set under glass within the frames. The possibilities are endless! You can click on any example for more from my website catalog of sold amulets.

stained glass amulets

etched, iridescent stained glass wing

more etched amulets

sanctus natura tapestry hare

strawberry thief

sacred heart amulets

more sacred hearts

stèlla earring collection


Happy to hear any opinions or ideas that you may have, really hope we get to work together! or feel free to use the contact form below. Looking forward to hearing from you again. x

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frog hollow

All images taken near my studio & workshop in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains by a beautiful stream that borders our rural property. I am constantly inspired by our landscape, and Nature as it changes with the seasons.