the giving tree.

the giving tree.

Really sad about a lot of things these days, like so many of us.

Feeling heavy with all of the suffering caused by our climate crisis and the pandemic that still feels so unstabilizing. Trying to fight the hopelessness with gratitude, trying to stay present. Fighting for what I believe in.

One sadness closer to home, seemingly small in the big picture of life but still painful, the loss of a favorite tree here at Frog Hollow ~ one of our few elder birches that had so much character. Always admiring it out our bedroom window, glowing bright in a sea of deep green hemlock. 

Unfortunately half of the tallest split was completely dead, looming over the cabin side of our home. It broke my heart when our tree warden strongly recommended taking it down before things got worse. 

Years ago I had collected a bit of bark that had fallen off, and saw what looked like a tiny D in the center.

A perfect Love Amulet to pay tribute to my husband, David.

I formed a Sacred Heart around it, encased it in rose-colored Stained Glass with some moss and wore it on our magical Wedding day here in the backyard ~ six years ago this coming August. The word "vinculum" cut from a Medieval incunable was attached to the bark on the back of the pendant, the text in Latin meaning "a bond signifying union or unity; tie. a force that unites people (as in friendship) or cements a relationship (as in marriage)."

a joyful handfasting in the forest of Frog Hollow...August 29, 2015

Metalsmiths long used stumps in softening the blow of hammering techniques, so after it dried out for a few months my husband made the largest bit of log level for me and added some locking casters on the bottom.

Recently posted these images in the wonderful facebook group "Women Metalsmiths Collective" and wrote about how hard it will be to make use of it without feeling mournful (or disrespectful). Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree" was mentioned, I found the animated story online and grieved all over again. Though I disagree strongly with this kind of thinking, that everything in Nature is there only for our "use" as humans, it is a thought provoking story. (watch on youtube) If only we felt that we were the ones that should help and protect Nature, help her thrive, we would be in a much better place today. All of us.

(Look for the Helpers)

Now an elegant Spirit in my workshop, I still mourn the loss but grateful for what I can hold close, preserve while I am here. 

A reminder that life is fleeting, temporary, beautiful.



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