of tapestries, friendship and kindness...

of tapestries, friendship and kindness...
Grateful for my years working at other jobs while making jewelry on the side.
One of those jobs was directing tourists at Trinity Church with Lin Nulman, who has so beautifully expanded on the story of kindness I tried to portray in the lapin, renard et fleur amulet. Her words brought me to tears, so happy to share them here.
A fascinating aspect of beautiful medieval tapestries is the sense of many things happening, but not quite in real time or space. That strange perception can wake us up, as our eyes move along the flat woven surface. A flower here, an animal there. We notice a cat, a fox, a rabbit, a variety of plants.
When we take a moment to notice each one, we appreciate the whole tapestry more. Life benefits from the same kind of Looking. When we take a moment to notice, or to wear, one beautiful element of the natural world, we remember each plant or creature is part of Nature, and we can see that Whole in each one of them.
Tapestry Life
The fox was not hungry
for anything
but beauty, for a little
grace, its own place
in the colors, among
the strange stitched plants,
to sit, and some breath
of wind behind
the tapestry, to bring it
life. Being Art,
both sly and soft, and
wise and tricky, fox
eyed the weave to hunt
meanings. Also soft,
signing luck and plenty,
the rabbit climbed
across the tapestry, across
time and space, from one Art
to another Art, to offer
a small shine of
new Beauty,
inspired by old Beauty, one
living thing to another.
- by Lin Nulman
Lin Nulman has wide experience writing for herself, for the historic site where she works, for creative journals and anthologies, for theaters, for public television art auctions, and for websites about real estate and design. She invites creative people who need writing and/or editing services to get in touch. She’s fortunate to have a job she loves; newly self-employed freelancing is her side hustle, so she is mellow and all-around reasonable to work with. Find her at https://thecreativeparttimer.wordpress.com or lin.nulman@yahoo.com


10% of every sale of the lapin, renard et fleur amulet is donated to the Fur Free Alliance for #givingback 


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