This weekend, on the night of a new moon we had the great privilege of holding our first house concert here at Frog Hollow. I had experienced the same lineup of talented singer-songwriters years ago at Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA and was really excited to revisit each of their different musical worlds once again. Music is such a huge part of my life and inspires my own work ~ so to be able to host a show in the comfort of our own home deep in the woods of Western Massachusetts was pretty magical. 
"Allysen Callery is self taught folk artist from Rhode Island, USA , her vocal delivery recalls the haunting style of the late 60’s early 70’s British Folk Revival."
"It was said that a bard could cast a spell with just his harp playing and his voice, and the spell would transport the listeners to another world while the song played. Most but not all of the listeners would make it back when the song ended. Callery displays that kind of otherworldly ability”
~Oliver di Place

 instagram video clip   

Ray Chel accompanied Allysen from the balcony for a song, it was like a visitation from an angel playing violin from above.
" a singer, songwriter and guitarist from the Boston/Cambridge area. In addition to her solo project, she is a contributing member of the experimental / noise/ psych / electronica project, Violet Nox."
"Dreamy psych folk with "alluringly unemphatic vocals (Weekly Dig)" conducive to deep reverb and tape delay."
Kelly Spyglass with Ray Chel on violin...
"When the moon speaks, I listen. Dark folk. Acoustic. Melancholy. Ethereal."
"...As a solo performer, Kelly is able to showcase her fingerpicking and intimate vocal style. Gravitating towards a dark folk genre, the use of guitar effects and ethereal vocalizations contribute to her craft of songwriting."
What an incredible evening of music, food and friendship! (And wine, and more music, and a misty moonlight walk down to the stream.) So grateful for everyone that traveled far to be with us, so many memories that will stay with us at Frog Hollow and take us through the long winter months.
Our Sirens.
Allysen, Kelly, Jen, Ann Marie, Ray Chel
The next morning we were lucky enough to receive a bonus song as Allysen recorded a special video in our living room as the sunlight danced across her guitar, trees swaying outside. Will link to it here when it goes live. A few things went wrong (should have ensured a bigger audience for these deserving performers, I forgot to light all the tea light candles I had ready for the night, some appetizers never got put out, should have set up my better camera for night shots & video, etc) but hoping to get another chance to try again, maybe in the warmer weather and during the day when getting out to our rural home is less difficult. Thinking about combining it with an open studios event to create a kind of micro-festival, so stay tuned! Thinking wild blackberry-picking time would be ideal.
Grady wonders where everyone went...he got so much love and attention it may have gone to his floofy head.
eta: more wonderful instagram videos from Karen Zanes 


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