mid-august collection musings

mid-august collection musings
I admit to having a hard time in the studio lately. Incredibly sad about the state of our country, the dark direction we seem to be turning. It is hard to create when you are so discouraged, disgusted and feel helpless to change the course.  
I forced myself to go up there and just "make things". I didn't realize as I chose each image or shape of glass that this particular collection had a theme ~ every Amulet seems to correlate to a particular pain, worry or hope. I don't usually like to explain my emotional process behind each Amulet I make as I would like the meanings to be interpreted by the wearer, but felt compelled to give a bit more of an explanation to these, they feel "different" somehow.
Hope this all makes sense. 
 The Heart's Purpose ~ Crowned Stained Glass Amulet
~Goodness Triumphant~ 
the Hope that goodness will prevail, be triumphant over evil.
red thread bound to the crown (loyalty, triumph)
balanced over the heart.
our liberal "bleeding hearts" bind us to do our best to fight injustice where we find it. this is somehow used as a slur against us. 
empathize strongly with the sufferings of others. do something about it. 
The Golden Lamb ~ Sacred Heart Pictorial Shrine Amulet
~protecting the innocent~
William Holman Hunt's lamb gazes up at us, an innocent.
I am trying my best to live a life that does the least harm to those I share the earth with. I am not a "perfect vegan" but do not eat meat, dairy or egg products and haven't for years. (I have never felt better! What an added bonus.) The horrors of factory farming and the needless use of animal skins for adornment of our houses and bodies is my living nightmare. (Leather. Fur. Taxidermy.) They deserve better.
Hope someday we as compassionate humans make these practices a thing of the past.
Golden, Sacred Hearts.
( 50 % of the sale of this Amulet will be donated to The Gentle Barn )
Gaia Ouroboros ~ Stained Glass Amulet
 ~a crowned symbol of Eternal Return, infinity encircles our Earth~ 
A symbol of infinity, wholeness.
The snake or dragon eats his own tail.
A cycle of creation and destruction.
La Ghirlandata ~ Rossetti Pictorial Shrine Amulet
~Ars Longa Vita Brevis~
As written on one of my favorite websites ~ Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood, the Pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti painted this beautiful work after a very dark period. Music, Art & Nature (and of course friends and family) can get us through very hard times in life. I know it has for me. 
Garden of Earthly Delights ~ Quartz Point Bosch Pictorial Shrine Amulet
How can we be spiritual, believing in our own Eden without Religious Intolerance for other belief systems? How many wars are fought over religion? How does this make sense?
I don't understand worshiping a God or religion that would call for the destruction, oppression or silencing of other voices.
One person's religion of choice should not dictate law in our country.


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