adventures in brimfield

adventures in brimfield

I hadn't visited the famous Brimfield Antique Flea Markets in over 20 years, and since we moved to Worthington it is only a bit over an hour away so took advantage of a gorgeously mild & sunny Sunday to explore a bit with Grady. He loves car rides, people, sniffing interesting things, and other dogs so I believe he had just as much fun as I did! 

(My husband David took advantage of the beautiful day in his own way, a long bike ride!)

a few things that "got away"...still regretting not picking up this awesome and practical gothic arch storage bench! 

SO wanted the White Rose Stained Glass Window! 

Snack time is the best time!
A bit hard to take photos while wrangling the dog and shopping cart, but was enchanted with all these garden sculptures! So much inspiration.

 Beautiful roads back to the Hilltowns...

...and finally home from our adventures.

Antiquing (and getting so much attention and love!) is exhausting, says Grady.

Just a few little treasures, a dragonfly atop a glass globe for the garden...

...cast iron Frog for Frog Hollow...

Unicorn Trays for jewelry supply storage!

Think I was mentally saving my money for one of my favorite events next weekend, Easthampton's City Wide Tag Sale. Still, had a fantastic day of treasure hunting at one of the oldest and maybe one of the biggest Antique markets in the world! We were there for hours and only saw a small percentage of the overwhelming amount of booths to visit. Hoping to visit more regularly, there are two more shows this year ~ July and September. 


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