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I own two Parrish Relic necklaces, and I wear one or the other almost every day -- not only because they are beautiful, but because they are talismanic to me.

One contains a tiny Pre-Raphaelite painting by Sir Edward Burne-Jones, and wearing it makes a visible connection to all of the mythic artists of the past, and all of those who are still to come. In that necklace, I'm reminded that, as a writer and painter, I am part of a long tradition. The other necklace, with a center of deep blue glass, is the necklace I was married in. When I wear it, I'm connected to another kind of tradition: partnership, family, and community. I have never seen jewelry I love more than Jen's.

Her pieces are forged out of dreams and spells and enchantment and the oldest of fairy tales. They are magic, and I become part of that magic whenever I wear them.

Terri Windling

Every one of Jen Parrish-Hill’s jewels is a timeless work of art. When you touch a Parrish Relics piece, you are holding a moment frozen in time. You are holding a glimpse of history, the fleeting breath preceding a kiss, an echoing song, an ancient spell. It was with great love and pride that my husband and I wore Parrish Relics on our wedding day, and every heirloom piece that we own is treasured beyond words.

Elizabeth Barrial, BPAL