past work for Beverly

one of a kind clay frames and found images

Various pictorial jewelry featuring El Jaleo by John Singer Sargent, A Young Lady of Fashion, Nasturtium & Isabella bracelets. We also worked together to create stained glass and many more image pendants over the years, though sadly lost the images in a computer crash but this should give you an idea of the range.

future ideas

Pictorial images from the ISGM collection & stained glass in colors that reflect the courtyard set into antiqued bronze or sterling silver frames.

Below are several styles currently in production, always working on new designs.

Fleur Frame

I can set these with nasturtium or other images from the collection, best for a smaller focus.
Pendant is @ 7/8 of an inch at widest, @ 1 1/4 inches long. Suggested Retail @ $208. bronze $218. sterling.

more frame ideas

More possibilities for frame styles to customize for Gift at the Gardner.

venetian gothic

@ $290. bronze, $300. sterling

sanctus natura

@ $280. bronze, $290. sterling

sacred heart

@ $302. bronze, $312. sterling

for your consideration

We can test any of these collections in bronze, a lesser price-point than the sterling if you wish!

tapestry collection

lapin, renard et fleur amulet @ $168. bronze

joyeux mille-fleurs earrings @ $72. bronze

oak bower

window amulet @ $288. bronze

earrings $78. bronze

floriated clover

window amulet @ $308. bronze (simple chain, beadwork + $)

earrings $88. bronze

cat amulet

I definitely would love to try to sculpt a tiny, wearable version of this sweet cat from the Long Gallery for the shop! Reminds me of my own little grumpy feline Galatea.

Emmanuel Frémiet, Cat Figurine, 19th Century. Gilt wood.

view more images on the gift shop submission page

Sherry, happy to work on a selection of jewelry to bring in for you to review in person sometime at your convenience. Thanks again for your time, I look forward to hearing from you. ~Jen

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