Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

past work for Beverly Schmeis

- one of a kind clay frames and found image jewelry collections.

Various pictorial jewelry featuring El Jaleo
by John Singer Sargent, A Young Lady of Fashion, Nasturtium & Isabella bracelets. We also worked together to create stained glass and many more image pendants over the years, though sadly lost the images in a computer crash.

current projects

Would be a dream to work with the ISGM again - creating a line for the shop, a singular pop-up event or the Visiting Studio Artist Program. Would love to share my passion for this special Museum with your visitors.

I have recently received a grant to explore enamel painting on glass at Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program. This has opened up a wide range of possibilities for one-of-a-kind designs, reflecting Nature & Art from within the Museum and in the gardens.

Currently working on a tiny, wearable version of this sweet cat sculpture from the Long Gallery (with a bit of my own little grumpy feline Galatea mixed in).

(Emmanuel Frémiet, Cat Figurine, 19th Century. Gilt wood.)

Next will be sculpting a Venetian gothic arch window frame that the cat can be placed inside, or simply worn on a chain.

Similar to a recent project Adapted from Albrecht Dürer's "Ornament with a Deer Lying in a Circle of Oak Branches".

Painstakingly carved in wax over a few months, finally cast in antiqued bronze and sterling.

future possibilities

Pictorial images from the ISGM collection & stained glass in colors that reflect the courtyard set into antiqued bronze or sterling silver frames.

Below are several styles currently in production, always working on new designs.

Fleur Frame

I can set these with nasturtium or other images from the collection, best for a smaller focus.
Pendant is @ 7/8 of an inch at widest, @ 1 1/4 inches long. Suggested Retail @ $208. bronze $218. sterling.

more frame ideas

More possibilities for frame styles to customize for Gift at the Gardner. Click on any image for more examples.

venetian gothic

@ $290. bronze, $300. sterling

sanctus natura

@ $280. bronze, $290. sterling

sacred heart

@ $302. bronze, $312. sterling

for your consideration

We can test any of these collections in bronze, a lesser price-point than the sterling.

tapestry collection

lapin, renard et fleur amulet @ $132. bronze

joyeux mille-fleurs earrings @ $62. bronze

oak bower

window amulet @ $288. bronze

earrings $78. bronze

floriated clover

window amulet @ $308. bronze (simple chain, beadwork + $)

earrings $88. bronze

Happy to work on a selection of jewelry to bring in for review at your convenience.


Please feel free to use the form below or contact me:

(781) 296-6963

Thank you for your time!

~ Jen Parrish-Hill

Frog Hollow ~ Worthington, MA

museum design page:

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